Sash Naidoo

Commercial Property Management – Team Leader

With over 14 years of dedicated experience in property management, I have demonstrated a consistent commitment to driving results. My track record showcases the ability to lead high-performing teams, optimise property operations, enhance tenant satisfaction, and facilitate revenue growth. This proficiency is complemented by a strong aptitude for analysis and problem-solving, coupled with exceptional communication and negotiation skills.

Commencing my property management career in South Africa in 2009, I took charge of a substantial portfolio for a property development investment group. Since relocating to Australia with my family in 2019, I have continued to excel in this field. The diversity of my career and educational background equips me to draw upon a wealth of knowledge in my current role as Head of Department for Property Management. I find great satisfaction in the customer-centric and solution-oriented aspects of property management, and I anticipate a fulfilling and varied tenure with NAI Harcourts.

A fervent commitment to curating outstanding property experiences for both owners and tenants underpins my professional ethos. By harnessing my extensive industry acumen and honed leadership abilities, I endeavour to achieve operational excellence, optimise property values, and cultivate positive relationships. This dedication to continuous enhancement and innovative problem-solving positions me as a distinctive force within the property management sphere.

The resonance of NAI Harcourts’ customer-centric ethos and our shared values of respect and teamwork drew me to the organisation. I assure those who entrust their properties to NAI Harcourts that I will spare no effort in engaging with you, your tenants, and contractors to secure the most favourable outcomes for all parties involved.